New Trends for American Travelers

The New Trends for American Travelers

What, when, where, how much?  See the trends that American travelers have formed over the past few years.

Everything changes with time, including the way Americans vacation.  How much money is spent, the type of activities that are popular, and the preferred season of travel varies from generation to generation for many factors.  Here is a snapshot of the last few years.

Summer is still the most popular season to travel but increasingly, autumn is becoming a choice for those looking for deals and chance to avoid the crowds.  As for those summer vacations, the latest price per person is $1,200 for an average trip cost.

Fitness or staying active on vacation is also a rising trend.  Walking is the most popular for obvious reasons; everyone has to walk to see places.  But other choices, such as swimming and hiking are not far behind.

Check out the Infographic to see what else Americans are doing on their vacation!

Infographic by Travel Advantage Network which aims to deliver extraordinary vacation experiences.

New Travel Trends for American Travelers
New Trends for American Travelers

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