Yachting in Alaska

Alaska a perfect Yachting Destination

Though the largest but the least densely populated state, Alaska is a non-contiguous U.S. state which makes it an ideal hideaway for those looking for peace and solitude along with adventure and enjoyment. With many budget airlines flying to Alaska, it has become a hot-spot tourist destination for those you wish to spend some time in tranquility with azure waters all around.

Alaskan coastline-Perfect for yachting vacations in the U.S.

 Alaska is one such destination where beauty and nature exist in every nook and corners. The changing hues of nature when the sun sets in Alaska are breathtaking and can best be experienced while sailing on its pristine waters. In last decade, the number of Alaskan cruise lines offering luxury services and ultra-modern comforts on board has grown many folds. Alaskan cruises are always appreciated by the contented travelers for guided tours by naturalists, fine dining experiences and intimate hospitality aboard.  As a result, the tourism industry of this state has flourished, particularly in the area connecting Pacific Northwest and Southeast Alaska. Courtesy to these luxury yachts and the discount airline tickets by online travel companies, the population of Ketchikan may at times rise by over ten thousand persons during the summer season.

Yachting in Alaska gives the tourists an opportunity to explore the marine world with proximity. It is indeed a fascinating experience to see dolphins, whales, sea lions, harbor seals and many other seawater creatures in their natural habitat.   In addition to that, the panoramic vistas of icebergs towering over the picturesque landscape and majestic glaciers over the mountain valleys leave the tourists awe-struck.  At times the tourists gasp in wonder on seeing spawning salmon all over the water gracing the river. They also get to see eagles swooping down and brown bears wading in shallow waters to catch their food.  Therefore, it is advised to keep cameras handy so that you don’t miss your perfect picture.

Most of the Alaskan yachting tours include either onshore hiking and sightseeing in their itinerary or kayaking and fishing so that the travelers can get the best value of their money and time.

Tips to Save Money on Alaskan Yachting Vacations

  • Book your travel, be it business class travel or economy, in advance to get lowest fares.
  • Book your cruise in advance to avoid last minute hassles
  • Prefer traveling on weekdays rather than weekends/public holidays as most of the travelers plan their trips on weekends/public holidays. Packages and airline tickets ought to be expensive on weekends/public holidays.

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