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Yulass® 5 Port Portable USB Smart Charger Travel Adapter Review

Along with the development of technology, people tend to purchase mobile devices that can assist them to make their lives easy. In other words, we use at least one smartphone, a tablet or an iPad, a power bank, a camera, a Bluetooth powered speaker etc. If you use these mobile devices, you will have to face a lot of hassle when recharging them because the power adapters will require a lot of space. Sometimes you will have to spend money on extension sockets. This is where the USB Smart Charger by Yulass comes into play.

What is Yulass Portable USB Charger?

Yulass portable USB smart charger can simply be defined as a travel adapter that consists of five different USB outputs. In other words, it can be used to recharge five different devices simultaneously. All the USB outputs deliver an output voltage of 5V with a current of 2.1A or 1A. It is compatible with almost all the mobile devices that can be charged with a USB cable.

What are the features of Yulass USB Charger?

  • Yulass comes along with five different USB ports that can be used to charge five different devices simultaneously. It can save a lot of space and energy.
  • Yulass USB smart charger is made out of the best quality flame-resistant material while adhering to the quality standards. It has also received the EC certification, which guarantees lifetime reliability. You will not have to worry about any safety concerns when using this USB charger.
  • Yulass USB charger is compatible with a wide range of mobile devices. In fact, you will be able to charge any mobile device that can be charged with a 5V USB power output.
  • The USB outputs can vary their output current in between 1A and 2.1A. This is done automatically to deliver a speed charging experience to the users. The built in power IC plays a major role behind the above mentioned fact.
  • This USB charger is extremely portable and you will be able to carry it in your backpack or pocket.

Why you should spend your money on Yulass USB smart charger?

Yulass has the ability to save a lot of space and keep you away from the hassle of using different power adapters for different devices. In addition, you will not have to deal with tangles in the cables. This light weight travel adapter is equipped with compact dimensions and you can easily place it near a power outlet in your home without seeking the assistance of extension cables. If you are a frequent traveler, you would love to carry it wherever you go.

Any interested person can think of purchasing this smart USB charger manufactured by Yulass at an affordable price tag. It is a must have product in your home. The benefits you get by having a one are totally worth when compared to the amount you pay.

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