Travel News / Wednesday, June 24th, 2020

With some countries re-opening their borders and creating “air bridges” people are being urged to ensure their passports are in date, and not due to expire.

With the virus still around, and some countries managing to keep their numbers down, the influx of tourists could cause cases to start rising again. Should the R number increase whilst you are on your holiday, this could cause a lock down that could potentially see you stranded much like the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak.

The worry with this is, if your passport is due to expire and a lock down happens, you could be stuck longer whilst your embassy attempts to step in and help you return home, if possible.

Now, the advice from the Foreign Office is essential travel only, however many holiday makers will be keeping their travel plans and flying out in the coming days or weeks. With this in mind, if yourself or anyone you know is likely to go on holiday during this pandemic, check the passport expiry date.


Some passport offices are taking longer than usual with many online stating they are receiving their renewed passport back anywhere from 10 days to 13 weeks. It is also worth noting that should you passport expire whilst you are on holiday, your travel insurance becomes void.

So before you travel, please ensure your passport is in date and will remain in date for your return journey.


It is also advisable to have 3-6 months left on your passport should you be entering a country that requires a visa. Check the regulations of the country you are visiting before you travel or apply for a visa.


If you are in need of travel insurance you can obtain a quote from easyJet (which is provided from Zurich) and Alpha Travel Insurance (who are currently offering an additional 3 months cover). Taking in to consideration the potential risk of an outbreak happening when you are away, you will definitely need travel insurance. Those who have a paid for current account usually have travel insurance included. If you do, check your policy details and any changes that may have been made by the bank during Covid-19.

Should you be travelling you will now need to wear a face mask on all airlines. More information can be found on our Covid-19 & Travel advice page

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