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Deciding Which Hotel to Book – Does Gender Play a Part?

Deciding to stay in a hotel may seem like a very basic decision, but recent research has suggested that many people look out for various different things when searching for the right hotel to stay in.

More notably, it is women who are considered the decision-makers and look for specific facilities when they come to book a hotel.

For example, when a typical woman books a hotel for a holiday or a city break, research suggests that they look for a hotel that has a bar and restaurant, and many women will also look for a hotel that has a spa or treatment facilities. On the other hand, research suggests that men are more likely to look for a hotel that has a gym, Internet capabilities and also a bar area.

However, it is usually women who make the final decision when it comes to the hotel, and so hotels could be right in thinking that it is more important to appeal to the female market rather than the male one in order to gain more custom.

Although this evidence may be criticised as being stereotypical or even sexist, it is an ideal way of demonstrating to hotels the importance in understanding the different needs that both men and women have when deciding to book a hotel.

This may enable hotels to cater their services specifically to a niche market, rather than a general population.

It is also age that has an impact on your decision when making a booking with a hotel. Research suggests that older people will look for a hotel that is closer to local amenities, and also a hotel which is located in a more direct position within its surroundings. For example, they may look for a hotel that is right in the middle of the city centre. On the other hand, young couples, perhaps recently married or on romantic retreats, will look for a hotel that offers tranquillity and relaxation.

The result of a recent survey by Hyatt Hotels has revealed the top five things women want in a hotel –

  1. Luxury bathroom products & amenities – Quality products such as moisturisers, shampoo and conditioner are a number one must for women during their hotel stay
  2. Hair straighteners – Most of us may rely on a hotel to provide a hairdryer, but many women say a hotel that provides hair straighteners would get their vote
  3. Chargers – iPod,iPhone or laptop chargers are something many of us easily forget to pack, so a hotel that provides these would be at the top of many women’s lists
  4. Borrow or buy services – forgotten your toothbrush, razor, cleanser or other essential? A hotel which provides guests with these to either borrow or buy are popular amongst women
  5. Yoga mats – Yoga is a growing fitness trend amongst women so it’s no surprise that these are a highly sought after with women who are looking for a hotel.

Do you agree with the results of this survey? Do you think women and men have different needs when booking a hotel?


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