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How To Survive a Group Holiday

I have had a few holidays with friends some I knew and some I only met at the airport. How you deal with a week or two with friends can be challenging. Yes, you may love one another but at times they will drive you insane. So how do you survive a holiday with a group of people?

So here are a few snippets of the holidays I spent with friends and how I dealt with it…

Osmington Bay

I have had many tips along the way and want to know if you have had the same or have some refreshing new strategies. Bearing in mind my first group holiday was with the school to Osmington Bay.  We were 12 , there were boy dramas, an incident with an arrow missing the target and hitting the instructor and a whole lot of tears. But as wonderful as a holiday like that sounds, I decided to continue going on holidays with friends.


The next group holiday was again with school to Belgium. This time is was a lot better – although it could have been partially to do with them sending us to the trenches and visiting the war memorials, that for some reason there was a sea of silence among us which lasted the three days.


Fast forward 4 years and I was on my first couple’s holiday to Crete. As many of you will know by now I love Greece so being there made me pretty happy and to be honest I didn’t require much more. But being on holiday with two people you hardly know can be quite challenging. The first two days were fine, but after that we struggled to find conversation topics and so did what anyone would do in that situation… we drank cocktails. The boys came back and found us giggling, burnt and getting on very well. That night we had a lovely dinner just before the heat stroke kicked in and we were bed bound for a day.

After the first week of being in each others pockets we agreed to spend time as individual couples and only meet for pre-dinner / post-dinner drinks. Which worked out really well. We spent the day together to have fun, drink cocktails and be in the sea but in the evening we had time with our loved ones. Something that has worked out for years to come, so I highly recommend this method – It is also the politest way to say “we love you, but please god will you go away for a few hours”

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Italy – Skiing

When I went skiing last year to review some hotels I arrived at the airport knowing no-one. We hadn’t even had the time to speak via email other than confirming phone numbers. It can also be quite unnerving when some of the group already know each other. But I had no need to worry as I learnt very quickly, they were some of the nicest people I have had the pleasure to meet. We had a good mix in the group; 3 men and 4 women. I was room sharing with someone I had only met 7 hours ago so I went bold. When we got into the room I offered her access to all my toiletries, hair dryer, straighteners but informed her make up was off limits. Surprisingly she did the same. With the group all being of a drinking age, we spent many nights making the most of the bars and of course, being in Italy, Limoncello; an Italian liquor.

We we’re only there for four days so enjoyed hours on the slopes and mainly coming together for dinners, so even if we didn’t get on we only had a couple of hours a day in each others company. I am happy to say I would do it all again with the same people if given the opportunity.

Italy -Visiting the Lakes & Sirmione Castle

This was with a larger group of 12 of us. Luckily I already knew most of the group so it was pretty easy to relax and I knew the person I was room sharing with. We booked with Thomson Lakes & Mountains had 5 days in Italy and visited Barolino, Lake Garda and Sirmione.  There were no issues whatsoever on this trip. We all had a good day exploring and taking in the sights from the lake and castle. We then spent the evening relaxing by the lake before having dinner, followed by an evening unwinding by the pool. The only downside to a group this size was loosing people. You would think a larger group is easier to keep track of, but this was not the case. I lost them many of times, mainly due to my own fault of walking off and wanting to explore. So, make sure you all have each others phone number and find a local meeting point should anyone get lost in the crowds.

These are a few of my experiences that I have had to adapt to different groups of people, some I knew and some I didn’t. I have some fantastic memories from these holidays and more importantly gained some wonderful friends.

Have you been on a group holiday? If so, how did you cope with it? Did you know the people you were travelling with? I’d love to know your stories…

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