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Food for thought when you pack for a road trip

Heading out on a road trip is an exciting time.  The possibilities for fun and discoveries are virtually endless.  The key to having everything go as well as possible is in the packing.  Pack wisely and strategically and you’ll be ready for virtually anything – the good and the bad.

Don’t forget to take into consideration the fact that you will actually be on the road.  This may sound like something obvious but the requirements for a road trip are quite different from those for when you commute to work. You aren’t within a stone’s throw of home anymore, so you need to be ready.

After all, as safe as driving is, it does come with risks.  There are bad drivers, distracted drivers, wildlife with bad crossing skills, poor road conditions, weather and freak accidents.  While you can’t prevent everything, you can at least make sure your vehicle is in the safest condition and that you’re prepared if the worst should happen.  Take precautions by testing your tire inflation, keeping your fuel tank topped up and having your oil and filters changed after the right number of miles.

You should also have an empty gas can, a spare tire and an auto rescue tool.  That last item is especially important in the case that a crash should happen as the glass hammer and seatbelt cutter could be your main opportunity to free yourself and your passengers from the vehicle.

This is especially important in certain states.  The risk of being killed in a car crash varies widely from one state to the next.  Here are the top five for crashes that aren’t survived across the country:

  1. Montana – this state has the highest odds of dying in a car cash or being involved in one that has a fatality. One in every 2,302 crashes involves a fatality.  Be careful while walking, too, as pedestrians are also struck in collisions.  This state has one of the highest instances of that, too – it is level with Florida in that.
  2. Mississippi – The second highest risk in the country, the odds of being involved in a fatal car crash are 1 in 2,516 in this state.
  3. North Dakota – here, pedestrians are much less likely to be hit by cars, but there is still a 1 in 2,436 chance of being involved in a fatal crash.
  4. West Virginia – one in every 2,840 car crashes involve a fatality in this state, making it the fourth riskiest state. The chances of dying in a car crash here are 1 in 5,585.
  5. Alabama – not too far behind West Virginia, in Alabama the possibility of ending up in a fatal car crash are 1 in 2,889.

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