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Kampot’s Best Hostels

The Top 5 Funky Hostels that you will find in Kampot.  If there is a place in Cambodia that truly reflects an idyllic atmosphere, it is none other than Kampot. The city seduced me the moment I delved into its lush greenery and tranquil atmosphere.

It is a perfect hideaway for travelers who want to escape from the hustle of metropolitan life, as the city has a calming almost spiritual atmosphere. While in Kampot, try to savor its famous fish sauce and durian, an exotic fruit that tastes like heaven even though it smells like hell!

If you wish to stay in Kampot for a couple of days, here are the top 5 funky hostels that are recommended by travelers and backpackers.

1. The Mad Monkey Hostel Kampot –  This hostel is located on Riverside Road and it is accessible to the Kampot River and the Aquatic Center. It is an ideal place to unwind after a day’s tour. The Mad Monkey is the top funky hostel in Kampot because of its excellent service and amenities that include a lively bar, lounge, free high-speed Internet and WiFi service, free parking, restaurant and super large swimming pool, it also happens to be close to town.

This hostel has 22 clean rooms and more than 30 dorms with personal lockers for budget conscious travelers. Each room provides comfort for guests with roomy accommodation and large beds, and the bathrooms are sparkling clean.  While staying at the Mad Monkey, you will feel at home as its staff are accommodating and friendly, and speak good English. Its restaurant offers the best breakfast muffin I have ever had, but for drinks be aware of its Kamikaze that has been the ruin of many a poor girl.

2. The Magic Sponge – If you tag along your with your kids and pets in tow, The Magic Sponge is the ideal hostel for you because it allows pets. It also provides wheelchair access for persons with disabilities. Located on Guesthouse Street in Kampong Bay District right next to the Salt Workers Monument, this hostel offers free parking, bar and lounge for partygoers, and free Internet or WiFi access.

You will enjoy staying here if you like to play pool, board games, and golf as they have their own 9-hole mini golf course. End the day with DVD lounge for free or meet new friends at the bar and enjoy good food. The hostel has six spotlessly clean rooms with air-con or fans and en-suite bathrooms with hot shower. Staying at the hostel is a pleasure as the staff and owner are friendly and helpful.

3. Rikitikitavi – This small-scale hotel / hostel on Riverside Road in Kampot provides guests with amenities such as restaurant, free parking, bar and lounge, spa, free WiFi access. It serves both international and local dishes. They have the best banana flower salad and fish amok. The seven modern Asian style rooms include suites, family rooms and non-smoking rooms with refrigerator, TV/DVD player, hot water shower and air-con. Feel at home at Rikitikitavi for you can enjoy a good sleep on its comfy spring mattress and in the morning have a sumptuous free breakfast.

It also offers guests with a wide selection of drinks in its bar and restaurant by the river. Babysitting, dry cleaning and laundry are also available. There is a welcoming atmosphere the moment you enter the hostel, as the staff is amiable and pleasant.  Probably the best place to stay if you have a slightly higher budget and if you want to avoid the party atmosphere.

4. Titch’s Place –  Titch’s Place is known for its welcoming atmosphere and delectable dishes served on the rooftop bar. It is a nice place to relax while having a good vista of the city and watch the sunset.

Its friendly and English-speaking staff will make you feel you are a family and the owner personally chats with the guests. This hostel is ideal for single travellers or backpackers. Its location on Riverfront Road is perfect for budget conscious travellers as you do not have to commute to take you to stores and attractions in Kampot. Definitely this hostel is the cheapest in Kampot. For only $3, you can stay in a dorm while enjoying its free amenities. Titch’s Place has 30 comfortable rooms with balconies, spacious bunk beds, study desks, and WiFi access.

5. Naga House –  Guests that want to commune with nature should opt to stay at the Naga House, which is located on Teuk Chou Road. Their tree house and huts are comfortable although you should like sleeping with a mosquito net and no air conditioning.

The atmosphere is relaxing while its staff and owner are welcoming and helpful. The Naga House is perfect for partygoers as parties are scheduled every Saturday where a mixture of people converged to enjoy great music, food and beverages. They also have affordable garden bungalows and dormitories that are homey amidst jungle setting. All in all they have 14 rooms with free Internet access. Their amenities include a riverside restaurant, bar and lounge, swimming pool, free parking and shuttle bus service. They also arrange boat trips and tours to Kampot’s major attractions.

More Kampot options are available on  although in the whole it will be providing you with the same information as this article, but do feel free to check out the options based on your own requirements.   Find out more about Kampot and its rich history on Wikipedia.


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