Tips for a cheap ski holiday

Top five tips for a cheap ski holiday

The experience and memories gained from a skiing holiday with friends and family is definitely a hard one to compete with. So when we decide to return, maybe more than once a year, we need to find the cheapest routes to do this without ruining any of the experience or cutting essential corners. It didn’t take much to find a cheaper way to go skiing and we have saved hundreds of pounds and not lost any valuable hours on the slopes or our fond ski memories. Here are my top tips for a cheap ski holiday for you and your group;

1.       Browse the web for special offers

Before clicking “Confirm Booking” have a quick look through the internet to see if you can find any money saving vouchers, or group booking deals and don’t forget to check the company’s website with who you’re booking you holiday.

2.       Borrow your ski clothing

If you can borrow skiing clothing from a friend or family member ask immediately. A borrowed Ski jacket is free, a purchased one can set you back £150 (on the lower end of the scale). Also save money on thermals, just layer up with your current clothing. Instead of thermal top, costing around £80, wear a vest and layer up on your t-shirts.

3.       Hire your ski equipment

By minimising the amount of ski equipment you take with you on your holiday, you can save hundreds of pounds on your holiday. By hiring your ski equipment from your ski resort you won’t have to pay airport luggage fees, nor will you have to pay for all the equipment up front. You can simply hire it for however many days you plan to go skiing, which is particularly good for first time skiers.

4.       Book in advance

As with most holidays, if you book in advance you can get cheaper rates, online only offers. This may not affect the cost of your skiing but it will reduce the costs of travel. You can book train fares, taxi’s and flights a lot cheaper if you are able to book in advance.

5.       Go in a big group

If you can get a group of friends, your family or co-workers together you can save quite a bit of money. As an example a group of six can travel to Austria for seven days paying £359*each on a half board basis rather than a group of four paying £409* each.

When trying to find the cheapest ski deals you will come across various opinions, but the above points work well and they don’t need to be used all at the same time. Each of the above points will save you money on your ski holiday, if you are able to use all the tips even better for your wallet. With so much to think about before and during your holiday make sure one element you have no issues with is your currency. Check the exchange rates online for the best place to go and review the resort you are visiting to see if they have a cash point available should you require emergency cash. One essential area to check when taking your card on holiday is you bank additional fees for withdrawing cash abroad, the last thing you need is to have made savings only to lose them all on avoidable bank charges.

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