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Top 5 Luxury Eateries for Travelers in New York

There are many famous, highly ranked Eateries in the city of New York. Some of them are:

21 CLUB (Twenty One Club):
It’s positioned in midtown Manhattan. It’s an exemplary New York dining experience. It’s a land mark restaurant in the city of New York. It offers excellent American cuisine. It’s also has an award winning wine list and is a well known spot for marriage proposals.
It offers 10 private banquet rooms with a wine cellar, ideal for family celebrations. There are event specialists who help in organizing corporate functions or celebrating family occasions.

It’s one of the America’s most popular restaurants, offers unparalleled service. It has received a three star rating three times from the New York Times. It’s a place where business people get together for drinks after work and for celebrations. The menu is prepared according to the seasons. Different styles of cooking styles and traditions are followed. The pastry prepared here is hand prepared and used in the seasonal deserts. Some of the famous Tavern cocktails are Aperol, Bombay Gin, Lime, Sparkling wine, Angostura Bitters, Pine Infused Cruzan Rum, Cocchi Americano. Appetizers include Heir loom tomato salad, handpicked vegetables and toasted bread, sweet breads, mushrooms and baked long island clams.

Palm Too:
Located near to the flagship restaurant. It was the third restaurant to be opened initially. On the coast side it is famous for its prime steaks. It’s a family owned restaurant. It has been run by sons and grandsons of the founder’s partners. Palm is being expanded to all over the United States. It was established by Italian entrepreneurs in 1926. Steaks and sea food are part of the menu. Palm has its own wholesale meat company in order to maintain the good quality of steaks. Palm has a great reputation for its sea food.

Hard Rock Cafe:
Interested in planning a holiday in New York? Then it’s a must to visit the Hard Rock café; located in the midpoint of the city, in the heart of Times Square. Hard Rock cafe rocks your senses with the fine food and drinks. One of the largest entertainment destinations in the city of New York with it’s a 700 seat restaurant. This cafe has a unique outdoor space above the building where guests can organize private parties amongst intimate lighting and enjoy the beautiful view of the Times Square.

Green House 36:
Green House Restaurant offers equally court yard dinning, indoor, breakfast lunch and dinner with flair. You can get a summer cocktail and wine list featuring organic wines from all over world. You can host events and meetings and weddings here.
All eligible travelers who have a ESTA US Visa can visit these eateries in the city of the New York.

About the Author: This guest post is written by Diana who is a passionate blogger from Manchester. Apart from blogging, she does research on payday loans. Reach her @financeport.

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