The Magical City Of Buenos Aires

If one is looking for a perfect getaway in South America, then Buenos Aires is the place to be. This is a dynamic, flourishing city commonly known as the Paris of South America. The atmosphere is ecstatic with the city bursting in seductive energy. There are several sights and historical monuments that will make ones stay fabulous to say the least. Further, there is an elegant European architecture, exquisite cuisine and vibrant nightlife.


Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the capital city of Argentina. It lies in the southeast coastline of the country. It also hosts the largest port in the country. The city lies in lush plains of Rio de La Plata in humid and mild climate. The temperature does not vary greatly and is generally between 10®c during winter (around July) to 35®c during summer (around January). There are over 2.5 million Portenos living in the city of mixed origins such as Arabs, Spanish, Latino and other European origins. Tango, coffee klatches and soccer influence the daily life of the Portenos.

Tourist attractions

There is a lot to see and do in Buenos Aires. With a rich history, the city boasts of several historical sites and monuments. Top amongst them is obelisk, a monument built in 1936 to honour the 400 years that the city has been in existence. It is found at the city centre at the republic Square. There is also the Palacio Barolo, a 22 storey palace built in early late 1910s and completed in 1923. It is a great sight having been designed in electric style design. There are several European architecture buildings built by the Europeans during colonisation.

There is San Ignacio church at San Telmo (near the city). This features catacombs and tunnels crisscrossing underneath several buildings. They were in use during colonial times. There is also the Hispanic museum, a church, built as colonial mansion where colonial galleries and antiques are showcased in the building. For those interested with historic furniture, pottery and clothing, the decorative art museum is a great place to visit. There are also museums that highlight the works of many of the Argentines greatest talents. Examples of these arts include Eva Peron and Luis Perloti.

City life and neighbourhoods

Buenos Aires is a city full of life. There are great people and places which one would like to take snapshots off. The crime rate is quite low and one is not likely to face any major security issues. Visitors move around the city in a sight-seeing mission. Top among the places of interest is Puerto Madero. This was an old dock that was converted to a tourist attraction. It bursts with great architecture, art and creativity.

San Telmo is one of the oldest neighbourhoods next to the city. Elite families inhabited it in the 19th Century. The place is exciting and has great hotspots to relax and unwind. Palermo is also a famous neighbourhood with several attractions to visit.

South America is famed for its exotic wines. In Buenos Aires, one gets to sample several great wines. There are bars raging from cheap middle class bars to five star hotels and restaurants. The nightlife is simply ecstatic. One gets to experience great food accompanied with sweet Latino beats that will keep revellers on their toes for the whole night.

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