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The best dressed cities in America

The best dressed cities in America have been announced. They are Beverly Hills, Palm Beach, Honolulu, Washington, and Scottsdale. The interesting thing about this list as that popular cities like New York, Chicago, Miami, and Los Angeles did not earn a higher spot. Upon first glance, you may think that these popular areas were just forgotten about. However, you simply need to consider what factors came into play during the creation of the list.

Why certain cities did not make the top 5 best dressed is due to how the cities were determined. It was based off of the hypothesis that cities with fine dining restaurants, like those that maintain a certain dress code, have better dressers. Tourist cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York have so many casual dining restaurants that they have taken lower spots. The fact that having a McDonald’s close to home makes you dress badly is a premise that may be true in some cases, but it may also have led to some errors. One thing that does make perfect sense is that cities with a higher population of older and wealthier people ranked the highest. That reaffirmation of a common stereotype gives the hypothesis more credibility than just a list of the cities with the highest percentage of fine dining restaurants. If you want to dress well, consider emulating your parents’ style, getting a job that pays well, and moving near a restaurant with a dress code.

Author Jason Lancaster wonders what restaurant dress codes are like at fancy restaurants.  He works with who helps people figure out what to wear – here are the dress codes explained.

USA Best Dressed Cities

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