Discover Rab Island

Wonderful Rab Island

This amazing island is the southernmost in the Kvarner Bay and it is a real “sunny island“, since it has about 2500 hours of sunshine. The island can fool a stranger who is approaching it from the back where the rocks and stones are all you can see; the real beauty of the island is actually hidden and protected by the rocks from the winds of the Velebit. What you will see when you come closer is beautiful nature, sandy beaches and a charming town just waiting for you to arrive. Whenever you are going there, can help you find the ideal Rab apartment to meet all your accommodation needs.

The island of Rab is diverse and it offers you natural and cultural resources to enjoy in.This island can brag with almost 120 years of tradition in tourism and offers you several places that you should visit. One of them is certainly the town of Rab, full with traces of past and different periods of history. It is a typical medieval town protected by walls. There is the Dominis Palace built in the 15th century, which is one of the most famous edifices in town Rab, along with the Rector’s Palace from the 13th century built in Gothic and Renaissance architecture style. There is also a gallery in the town of Rab where you can find samples of architecture decor of Rab dating from 2nd to 18th century.

Some of the other places to visit in Rab are Kampor, a residence of fishermen where you can see the tradition and how it used to be before the development of tourism. Also, there is one of the most famous and most beautiful beaches in Rab, called „Heaven beach“, which is about 1500 m long. Lopar is a place known for the burial mounds and other historical sites, but also for the underwater cave where wedding are organized for those who like spectacles. If you want to have a taste of the local kitchen, and you definitely should not miss that, the right place for you is Barbat. It is a place where you can find the local sheep cheese, wine and honey. This place if also famous for the surfers and those who like snorkeling. There is also an opportunity for visiting the remains of the military fortress on the St.Damian Hill that is settled above Barbat.

Besides the historical places and little towns, Rab is also known for its greenness; the name Rab comes from the Italian Arbe and Illyrian Arb, which means dark, wooded, green. These are all words that describe Rab and the most wooded areas of Rab are Suha Punta and cape Kalifront. The diverse flora and fauna of the island make it even more attractive for visitors, especially the outdoor types that admire nature. The connection of the island with the mainland and other islands is very good organized and Rab is accessible by both sea and land. During the season, there are festivals on the island, like the Knight Tournament where you can experience some of the tradition and history of the old times.

However, the island of Rab is a great place to spend your summer holiday, enjoying the Mediterranean sunsets on a sandy beach, with a glass of wine.

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