Boeing 787 Dreamliner issues: Don’t touch the bloody braking system unless you want to die

new, Travel News / Thursday, July 11th, 2013

As many of you out there, I have been getting on and off planes for most of my life for both business and pleasure. Unfortunately over the years, flying is not one of my most favourite things to do, but I will get on one regardless of nervous shakes and silently questioning every noise that damn plane makes.

Now that the Dreamliner has arrived which, from the photos and videos I’ve seen, looks beautiful and I cannot wait to fly long haul in one of them – hopefully Quantas to Australia next year!

So you’re going to die… 

Well, not quite but I’m sure you’re all aware that there has been some issues with a couple of the boeing 787’s which may deter some holidaymakers from flying. Personally I think, as amazing as planes are and the connections to friends and families they create to get in something that big and expect it to travel hours with out an issue is just naive – We experience issues with transport daily, car drivers can experience a flat tyre, low fuel, no oil, no water – clearly forgetting what we have been taught in our driving test. Others who use public transport can expect delays, cancellations, and recently being announced this week train tracks expanding due to the heat and unable to use.

But… after reading through an article on Huffington post regarding a 787 being cancelled I had a flick through their photos and came across the following.

Image courtesy of Huffington Post
Image courtesy of Huffington Post

Now, what do you notice. A lot of press? Employees? Now look again… Where are they standing? What are they touching? Yes, you’ve got it. They are freely touching the breaking system on the 787. Touch the wheels to take in the pure size, take photos, heck have an interview next to them. But why oh why are their hands reaching inside the breaks! I am in no way claiming this is the cause of any errors the Dreamliners have or will experience, but seeing unauthorized personnel touching what their not trained to touch is a tad, if not majorly concerning.  Seeing this has put me a little on edge. Let me explain the feeling with something we can all relate to…

Setting: Horror film (You can choose the characters)

Scene: Lets say 3

Actor 1: Washing dishes drops “accidentally” knocks ring down the garbage disposal

Music: Traditional horror movie music to start playing

Audience: should be feeling tense

Actor 1: Rolls up sleeve and starts to put her hand in

(at this point you get a knot in your tummy and screaming No, don’t do it.)

[Electricity goes out]

Actor 1: Stops. Gets torch. Returns to sink. Camera shot of arm in garbage blade but holding ring. 

*sigh of relief*

Uh-oh… whats that shadow. Why is there a hand near the fuse box. oh-no, oh-dear. Pull your hand out, look behind you. 

Scene: *classic horror movie ending with audience left tense, hearts racing with anger Actor 1 didn’t turn around*

THAT is how I feel when seeing this with an abundance of questions

So why is Mr X allowed to touch the bloody breaking system, these beasts of the sky are risky enough without having to think about what unauthorised personnel have touched the vital parts of the plane you’re about to take off in.

What do you think? Should just about anyone be allowed to touch whatever part of the plane they want on a media day, or should they be taken close enough for images and videos. If someone showed you the above photo before your plane took off, would you be happy…






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