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All Inclusive VS Hotel Only Holidays

Pre-packaged? Or open and free?

The type of holiday you want can vary quite a lot, depending upon your circumstances. Consider the pros and cons before making arrangements. Much of the enjoyment of a holiday can be negated by the stress of its organisation. The to-ing and fro-ing, the planning, the packing and the carious other arrangements can leave some people feeling a little shell-shocked. Many travel agents offer all inclusive holiday packages, where the price includes flights, a period of time in a hotel, and often other arrangements, such as transportation to and from the airport. Obviously this takes quite a lot of the work out of arranging a holiday.

However, for some, it can be a little too pre-organised, as it doesn’t allow you the flexibility to decide your own arrangements. It’s up to you which type of holiday to book, but here are the pros and cons to consider of both of all inclusive holidays and hotel only holidays. The first thing to take into consideration is the price of your trip.

An all inclusive holiday can sometimes be a very good bargain, offering you all the component parts of your holiday at a reduced cost than buying the parts separately, but not always. Sometimes it can actually be cheaper to shop around yourself. Buying the flights and the hotel separately can offer you the chance to find a bargain. While this isn’t always the case, it may be worth doing a little fact checking on your holiday, even if you usually tend to book the all-inclusive offers. It never hurts to browse.

Another plus for favouring the hotel only holiday is the flexibility. You might not want to have your holiday time-frame decided by your flight out and your flight back – you might want to roam further afield, or take a train home, or do any combination of things to turn your holiday from a simple out and back, to an adventure. This increased flexibility can appeal to many people, as it gives you an opportunity to experience the country you visit in a way tailored exactly to your wishes. While the hotel-only holiday may offer increased flexibility and the possibility for reduced cost, these ‘pros’ can, for those travellers with little free time or patience, seem very much like cons. To some, flexibility seems like potential for confusion. Equally, some people might be quite happy to pay more to a travel agent to have their travel plans set in stone. A little extra cost to save a lot of extra effort might seem more than fair.

Travel agents offer some fantastic offers, both hotel-only and all-inclusive, in destinations such as Egypt Brazil and Asia. Whether your preference is hotel-only or all-inclusive, choose your hotel your package, and your travel agent very carefully, always make sure to get the best offer.

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