Choccywoccydoodah the ultimate cake shop In Brighton

Choccywoccydoodah, pronounced chockie-wocky-do-dah, is one of the most sought after cake stores in the UK. I first heard of it when we were told our wedding cake would be from here. The cakes are so extravagant and the attention to detail is just on another level. When in Brighton, UK we walked past and due to the crowds could not venture inside. I got a few shots of the cakes in the window and wanted to share them with you all.

You can see why people go here for their special occasion cakes, although I know someone who has them made for her tea and cakes catch up with friends on a Saturday morning – so they can cater to all requirements. Here are some pictures, enjoy!


choccywoccydoodah cakes in Brighton
choccywoccydoodah cakes in Brighton

This is a beautiful cake which makes me think of The Secret Garden – a film from my childhood. The detail in these cakes really is extraordinary.

choccywoccydoodah wedding cakes
choccywoccydoodah enchanted forest cake

For more information pop by their website for more amazing cakes.

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