Bodeans vs Cleaver: The BBQ Bake Off

new, UK / Monday, January 13th, 2014

Many of you would of heard of Bodeans and those with a taste for all things good, would have experienced the meat sweats available there. But now there is competition known as Cleaver.

A little about Bodeans

For those that don’t know, Bodeans offers slow cooked Beef, Pork, Chicken and Fish all marinated in their secret sauces adding to the smoked-BBQ flavours that hit your senses as soon as you walk through the door. It hosts American sports on flat screen TV’s around the restaurant and has a vibrant atmosphere. The menu is quite long so great for those who like variety to choose from. As many I am a lover of their pulled pork and burnt ends, but based on the meat quality and sizes I’m not always keen to re-visit.

Food at Bodeans
Sweet potato fries, bbq Chicken, pulled pork and burnt ends at Bodeans

So who is this Cleaver dude?

Now, Cleaver is a little secret kept hidden in Cobham, and should definitely be put on your map if you enjoy the meat at Bodeans. Cleave offers a smaller menu providing Chicken, Ribs, Burgers and salads. The burgers have people saying that they are the closest they can get to the quality of those they’re used to in the states. For the health conscious people out there their chicken is clean cooked on a spit roast and nothing added to it, you have a selection of sauces should you want to spice it up. Now, the ribs. Wow. They are juicy and actually have meat on them. A full rack fills most men up there, so us ladies know we will have full tummies when we leave.

Food at cleaver restaurant
Ribs, Chicken and Sweet potato fries at Cleaver


Who is the winner?

So who do I think is better, by far… CLEAVER. And I am not alone in this answer. Many who I have gone to Bodeans with I have since taken to Cleaver and they prefer the waiters, food, drinks and overall experience; it’s not crammed, has better quality of food with meaty ribs to sink your teeth into.  The only negative I have for Cleaver is the location. Whilst Cobham is a fantastic location in itself, for having a flagship restaurant there, it is a little disconnected from the local transport. So unless you have a car, it can be quite difficult to find.

Puddings at Cleaver
Waffles & Ice Cream with Maple Syrup AND Vanilla Cheesecake at Cleaver

If you’re a sworn Bodeans fan, give Cleaver a try. I am certain you will not be disappointed.

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