Short Break To Belfast: Belfast City is Tourist Haven

Belfast, from a troubled city has emerged as one of the most exciting destinations in Europe nowadays. It has a lot to offer its visitors in terms of celebrations, views, food, culture and arts among others. There are several reasons to include a short break to Belfast, North Ireland in your list.

Belfast Quarters

Belfast is basically subdivided into quarters, which represents the major offerings and history in certain areas in the city. The term quarter does not necessarily mean one fourth of the city, but they are major city destinations.

Major Belfast quarters are the Queen’s Quarter, Titanic Quarter, Cathedral Quarter and the Gaeltacht Quarter. The Queen’s Quarter got its name from the Queen’s University at its centre. The Titanic Quarter, on the other hand, is fairly quick to guess. It is named after the legendary RMS Titanic, which was built in the shipyards of Belfast in 1912. Harland and Wolff is the shipbuilding company that built the huge cruise ship and thus, Belfast became known in the world as the biggest shipyard. The Cathedral Quarter features the stunning St. Anne’s Cathedral, which features lovely architecture. Lastly, the Gaeltacht Quarter is famous for promoting the Irish language.

Parks and Gardens

The Belfast government and local groups have partnered to create The Forest of Belfast in 1992. They aimed to manage and conserve the city’s parks and open spaces and they have succeeded in doing both. Belfast is famous for its numerous parks and gardens with the Botanical Garden as among the most popular of them. The Botanical Garden situated at the Queen’s Quarter, features the Palm House and the Tropical Ravine, rose gardens and public events. The park is a popular venue for numerous festivals, pop concerts and live opera among others.


You will be treated to various sumptuous foods that restaurants of Belfast serve. Whether you have a small budget or have more than enough to splurge, you will find something that will suit your taste and pocket. Taste the local cuisines as well as various foreign dishes and treat yourself to a deluxe feast.


Belfast holds numerous festivals that many tourists are eager to participate every year. These festivals attract thousands of crowds to attend and thus, add to the charm and fun that the city offers. Family friendly festivals are held throughout the year, so be sure to check out the schedules at several Belfast websites. Bring along your family and loved ones so you can enjoy the city at its fullest.

This year, make it a point to include Belfast in your list of places to visit in Europe. You will never regret your visit as the city offers much to visitors and more. Book a Belfast hotel and enjoy your vacation.

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