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Luxury Travel Guide: What Makes a Luxury Holiday?

There are many companies out there that advertise ‘luxury Holidays’, but what does ‘luxury’ really mean? In these tough economic times, holidays makers are trimming their trips in an effort to become more thrifty and make a saving on their sojourns. Despite the trying times however, an opulent holiday experience can still be had for a reasonable price, thanks to low air fares and aggressive discounting by tour operators especially

Countries suffering from an economic slowdown are also a good bet for cash-strapped wanderlusters, lower prices and welcoming arms for tourists mean there a great deals to be found in Italy, Ireland and Greece at the moment, provided you shop around. Of course you want a luxury holiday, and a sub-par hotel just won’t cut it, even if the prices are slashed.

Here are five ways you can ensure you’re getting the holiday of your dreams, at a price you can afford;


Luxury is subjective, just because a hotel has five stars plastered on board outside doesn’t necessarily mean its going to match your exact requirements. Instead you should look at things like whether your hotel as a restaurant and bar, as well as other facilities like a gym, pool and spa – if you like that kind of thing! Also note the hotel’s distance from local points of interest like shopping districts and beaches, having to walk for miles just to sunbathe isn’t most people’s idea of luxury! For some examples of luxury hotels, click here


The location of your holiday is likely to be something you’ll settle upon fairly early in the planning process; do your research and ensure you’ll be staying in or near the right part of town – according to your own needs. If you want a quiet getaway, then don’t pick a location in the centre of town, conversely, if you’ll be eating out every night then a secluded rural retreat probably isn’t for you. 


Are you going away as a couple or family, do you like to keep yourself to yourself or explore the social AND cultural aspects of your destination? These are things you should consider as part of your luxury holiday, for many, part of the pleasure of being abroad is learning some local lingo and utilising it, while others would simply rather talk to their partners and/or kids.


Food is a huge part of most people’s holidays, whether that’s dining al-fresco on a luxury cruise liner or tucking in to local delicacies in a ramshackle hit on the beach, what you ate will more often than not come up in conversation. Decide how important food is to you, then work out if a vast all-you-can-eat platter, or small, independent eateries are your thing.

As you can see, Luxury is not something clearly definable, rather a malleable, fluid quality that depends on individual needs. A common perception of luxury might be reclining on a sun-kissed beach while being fanned and fed-grapes, this could be the worst nightmare of someone who enjoys active, adventure holidays. Use this guide to make clear in your mind exactly what you need from a holiday, then put all the elements in place to ensure you have a luxurious trip.



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