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Top 5 Affordable Luxury Holidays

Sometimes we dream of having a trip to any of those popular luxury destinations anywhere in the world. Then, we find ourselves mistakenly believing that these luxury destinations are only for Hollywood celebrities and famous affluent families. The truth is that there are also some luxury destinations in the world that offer friendly prices to people who want to have the vacation of their life without the need to break the bank, and from experience the selection of Luxury Holidays from Thomson Lakes & Mountains always have something to offer to help you explore the world in complete luxury. Some of these are the following:

Cook Islands
Just because Cook Islands is known for being exclusive, this does not mean that there is no way that you can visit the place without blowing your budget. Cook Islands have plenty of vacation houses that await tourists who are traveling on a budget. You do not have to go to their class A restaurants for dinner. Just head straight to their Saturday market and purchase some fresh produce. Go to the beach, have picnic with your friends and read your favorite books which you have been ignoring all year.

Dubai is famous for its super luxurious hotels and metropolises. But, do not think that you cannot visit this place without spending a luxury as well. Dubai also has plenty of holiday resorts and vacation packages that one can take advantage of at a very affordable price. You may see numerous glitzy places all around but the place certainly has so much to offer to tourists who are traveling on a budget. Window shop at their elegant shopping stores and then buy whatever you want at their local markets.

Indeed, Ecuador is every budget traveler’s paradise. The whole place is breathtakingly beautiful that you would find it hard to believe that you can see many tourist attractions for free. Some of these free but definitely exciting places to visit include the Amazon, some World Heritage sites, mysterious volcanoes and some other picturesque cities. Add to that the fact that Ecuador is for free so you can visit several places even in just one trip.

If you have been thinking about an affordable Caribbean experience, then head to Barbados and discover those beautiful beaches, awesome hiking trails and great snorkeling spots. The best thing about it is that the beaches are for free and you can enjoy exploring the whole island without the need to splurge plenty of money on tours. There are also plenty of tourist attractions for free such as Arbib Nature and Heritage Trail, botanical gardens and other wildlife reserve and many other places for nature lovers.

You may find it hard to believe but Istanbul can also be a haggler’s paradise. In fact, you can find many places in Istanbul where you can negotiate for several things at a lesser cost. Just head to the Grand Bazaar and you will find yourself purchasing some goods, foods, and your needed services without any need to blow your budget. Some small cafes offer great tasting tea and coffee at a price that is relatively cheap. For more unforgettable experiences, visit Hagia Sophia and other cultural and historical landmarks for free.

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