Why You Should Try A Luxury Ski Holiday

Europe, Luxury Holidays, new, Skiing / Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

The ski season is upon us and I have been looking for where to book. Various factors come into play when deciding this such as, location, snowfall, apres and of course, the accommodation.

As you may have seen from my previous posts on luxury holidays, I like to spend my time relaxing in good comfort with fantastic company. This remains the same with a skiing holiday. Some go for night-life and the skiing and don’t care where they stay, they just want to cheapest ski deal to get them to the slopes. But for me, after a long day on the slopes I still want to unwind even if I have partied long into the night. I also find the use of the spa very helpful after day 1 with helping to ease my muscles to avoid adding any delay to my time on the slopes; lets just say I learnt my lesson with that one, when I stood up from getting out of bed and fell into the door as my legs did not move.

So why do I go luxury instead of cheapest? Well, you can still get a great deal for luxury accommodation in great resorts in Europe. Currently on my wish list is the Four Seasons hotel in Whistler, Canada.

Four Seasons Hotel Whistler, Canada. Image credit Crystal Ski Holidays
Four Seasons Hotel Whistler, Canada. Image credit Crystal Ski Holidays

In addition to this you can relax in a spa with treatments that help with any muscular injuries you get from your day on the slopes. You want to hit the fresh powder every day, so having this facility on standby stops you loosing precious time practising the latest trick.

I personally find the food and alcohol is a lot better. In fact it’s most definitely better in a luxury ski hotel.

In terms of service, this is something that may not always translate. I have known family run hotels look after guests better than a hotel with a 5* rating. Some of you may agree with this statement, others may not. It would be great if you have an experience to share on this subject.

My main reason for choosing a higher star rating hotel is for a multitude of reasons, but mainly so I can just relax when I get back there without the concerns that the bed sheets aren’t clean or if the room has been cleaned in the past decade. Your mind is already going a million miles an hour when skiing as whilst you’re there to have fun, you still have to think about every move you make, then plan to get back to a bar, hotel, changed and out again for a night of Jager. You really don’t need to add in the state of a crappy hotel into that mix or you will need another holiday when you return home.

When you go skiing, what do you look for? Is accommodation that big an issue for you? I’d love to know your thoughts on this…

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