The Best Kept Secret Escape: Historic Trujillo, Spain

If you are searching for a rural Spanish holiday, look no further than Trujillo (pronounced Tru-hee-yo). This ancient Spanish town is perfect for a luxurious getaway any time of the year. It boasts stunning panoramic views, fascinating architecture, gastronomic delights and unbelievably, not many tourists!

Whilst the town has had international exposure in travel guides, it remains a hidden gem offering seasonal events and cultural activities. It’s the perfect place for a romantic holiday for two, or a family vacation.

The Best Kept Secret Escape: Historic Trujillo, Spain. Image copyright to

During your visit you can relax taking in the countryside views, or walking from one historic building to another; Trujillo is the birthplace of the famous Conquistadors, which gives it a magical and thriving atmosphere. A must see is the main square which has successfully maintained it’s medieval aesthetic across the centuries.

For travellers preferring greater structure in their outings, there are no shortage of organised tours and guides around the area. Check local listings and sign-up to visit the 10th century Moorish Castle. You could even plan to visit Caceres, a paradise of cobbled streets and mansions encompassed by an ancient wall.


Highlights of 2013 will undoubtedly be the annual events Trujillo offers and always does so well:

  • 1st March – 3rd March 2013. The Extremadura south-west region of Spain is a hotspot for wildlife as the terrain offers varied and unique habitats. Across this weekend, the Extremadura Bird Watching Fair will take place, during which intelligent winged creatures of 155 species will be spotted and documented. Great and Lesser Bustards are the highlight of Trujillo as 15% of the entire world’s population resides here.
  • 28th March – 1st April 2013. During Easter, Trujillo is host to unique Semana Santa celebrations. It’s an exciting and colourful time where local tradition is beautifully on show. Ornate floats from local parishes depicting Jesus and the Virgin Mary are paraded through the centre, whilst traditional music plays and revellers dance. On Easter Monday, locals take to the hills and eat delicacies in the picturesque countryside.
  • 25th April – 1st May 2013. The National Spanish Cheese Festival gives you the opportunity to taste hundreds and thousands of cheeses, including Manchego cheese, Spain’s most famous example as it was believed to be Don Quixote’s favourite. It’s a culinary delight and should you visit Trujillo during these dates, it is not to be missed. A top tip is to also try the cheese with some Iberico ham, made from the black iberico pigs from the nearby dehesa oak forests.


Trujillo Villas Espana’s offer some of the best ancient villas to compliment your stay in the historic town. All six properties, which are available to suit all budgets and requirements, allow you to immerse yourself in the culture and get that all important authentic travel experience.

They are the ideal place from which to explore as they are located in the centre of town. With everything Trujillo has to offer, book a trip in advance to guarantee your authentic Spanish break.

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