What’s going on in Gibraltar

So the past few days I have seen Gibraltar in the news and quite frankly could the Spanish act like children anymore. For decades they have attempted to reclaim Gibraltar, and failed… massively. Churchill said that Gibraltar will remain British property so long as there are monkeys on the rock. A couple of years ago, whilst we were living there, the Spanish were trying to kill the Monkeys. Now lets get something clear, I have nothing against Spanish people… yet. But when they continually try to take back something for 300 years that is not theirs they may as well give up and go home… it’s a short walk so don’t feel sorry for them.

Run way in Gibraltar
Run way in Gibraltar

I had family who stayed in Gibraltar whilst serving in the war so it holds a lot of history for me. Having stayed there and knowing a lot about how Gib would help, should the UK become under attack… all I can say is good luck. We could remove La Linear within seconds, Monkeys or no Monkeys. For those who enjoy some poetry here is a poem written by Saville Garner, under secretary at the commonwealth office;

We’re a little bit perturbed about the apes,
After studying their sizes and their shapes.

As we see it, at first glance
There seems at least some chance
Of lesbianism, or sodomy, or rapes.

For nine girls of Middle Hill may well decide
That they can’t by five mere males be satisfied.

While the Queen’s Gate lads, one fears,
May become a bunch of queers
If by sex imbalance nature is denied.

So can you plan migration,
Or get up
A party for the apes who feel
Het up,
For the welfare state for apes has been decreed,
Where each of them is mated (and de-flead).

Then let Franco rage in vain,
Your immunity from Spain
Is by simian eugenics

Sir Gerald calmed his fears, replying thus:
So long as we have Joe
(born at Queen’s Gate
in Fifty Eight)
No female ape need pine
Or lesbianate.

And of course there’s Harold too,
And Hercules of Middle Hill,
Though comparatively new
He knows a thing or two.

Now over the past couple of days and arguing that we have ruined their fishing due to the artificial reef, this is next to the run way which is in the sea – yep… middle of the sea, a very nerve wracking place to land I can tell you that, the Spanish still insist we have contributed to any decline they have seen in their fishing numbers. The runway acts as a reef which was also installed to make sea-life increase.  There are still arguments over who owns what areas of the water between the two lands. Yes we have stuck a slab of concrete in-between them, but when you go there AND look on a map you can see our concrete stops at Spain, where the border is – this is also where the artificial reef stops. So now the fishermen have had the 1 hour stand off, one hour way to go, you must really want it, I mean an hour protesting, yep it definitely means that much to you. And now, ENTER HMS WESTMINSTER. We have more resources then them, we have brought this in to prove just that. We have army training there daily, we have soldiers there daily – docked up for months worth of training and to be on standby to be relocated into war zones. Have the Spanish forgotten this. Yes, they have their Army but so do we, and were a nation ready to move in a split second.

Cannon in Gibraltar
Cannon in Gibraltar

This will be another passing phase, the Spanish will not win no matter how hard they try. Words or weapons we will retain our land. For those who have never visited Gib we do not refuse them entry, they are all allowed in via border control and allowed to work; FYI every time I’ve been on that border it’s Spanish guards, not British so if they are refused entry for any reason it is from the decision of their own.

Dolphins in Gibraltar
Dolphins in Gibraltar

Regardless of the fights going on, Gib is a wonderful place, so I can see why they want it. The Monkeys are brilliant, the caves are never ending, they have dolphins, the run way is simply terrifying and seeing army men daily, well that’s enough in itself. Why people want to claim what is not theirs I will never know, it is greed and lust which over takes their sense. Remember play with fire and you will get burned. They really need to consider their position on this, and decide if it worth provoking a battle over the same old argument for the past 300 years.

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