Review of Holiday to Lake Garda, Italy

This short break couldn’t have come at a better time, with the weather in England being less than impressive a dose of sunshine was definitely in order. After the painful 4am arrival at Gatwick for our 6am flight we which was over before my film had finished (1hour 40mins) and by 9am we we’re in Verona, Italy. Seeing Verona in Spring rather than Winter and covered in snow it was great to see the contrast between seasons and see the rich green vineyards and hillsides all in full bloom. We had a 1 hour transfer to our hotel; a luxury 4 star spa Hotel Caesius – the staff, hotel and food here were the best I have encountered in Italy. From here we ventured off towards the lake to find a bar and quite simply, relax!

After lunch we made our way back to the hotel where we spent some time in the spa and pool bar before getting ready to go on our first tour of Bardolino. With our love of Italian wine we booked to go on an oil and wine tasting tour, where we learned how to taste oil and wine the correct way with some food to compliment the different wines we were tasting as well as small bites to eat made with the different varieties of Oilve oil. Once we had been wined we were just missing the dined and so tucked in to, quite possibly, the most delicious five-course meal made with fresh Italian ingredients, even more wine and what seemed to be an endless supply of puddings. Slightly less stuffed the next day we decided to explore the town of Sirmione in Lake Garda, Italy. Here we visited the ancient ruins of the castle which sites on the entrance to the town surrounded by the lake. Once inside, we took off climbing the steepest stairs we’ve ever climbed – getting down was a nightmare not to be relived. But the climb was worth it, the views were amazing. The lake could be seen for miles and the views of the town below were wonderful.

The town boasts other characteristics that confirm why it is top of the list when visiting Lake Garda. It has the history element, plenty of bars, restaurants and Gelato stands. We had Gelato in Grand canaries (after riding camels) but the selection available in Sirmione was on a huge scale. The worst thing was the fact it was so affordable, 2Euros for a scoop. Not small scoops like we have in the UK, scoops as big as your fist – so obviously, little old me had to have two. The rest of the break was spent walking around olive groves, sitting by the lake (and going in it at 3am – which was freezing!!), drinking cocktails and taking a moments rest on a train in Bardolino town. For those looking to visit Lake Garda, be sure to stop by other resorts, like we did, other than Garda itself as there really is so much more to be discovered, all within a short drive between each other. All in all the perfect location for a short break to revitalise your senses. Here are some of the photos taken in whilst visiting Bardolino and Sirmione in Lake Garda, Italy.
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