Reasons To Visit Greece For A Holiday To Remember

Europe, new, Travel Press / Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

I have been visiting Greece since I was about 4 years old and have been to various different Greek Islands totalling 48 visits; moving there would be a cheaper option. I have hundreds of photos, videos and most importantly some of the most amazing memories with my Dad from our time spent in Greece; like the time he ‘kidnapped’ me and I arrived in Corfu for my first holiday. Or the time I was playing by a rock pool in Skiathos and found a green piece of glass the sand had made into a beautiful glass pebble that I thought was an emerald and tried to sell it to a local man.

Whilst in Greece like all young teenagers I met my “first love”. It was very dramatic as we had to meet in secret so our parents didn’t find out and when we did finally meet, we would go to the dodgems (aka bumper cars) How sweet an innocent we though “love” was back then.

holidays to Greece

I remember walking around dirt tracks finding little trails with Dad and finding remote villages or a stand alone taverna with some of the best moussaka I have ever tried.  I also remember the first time I tried Ouzo… home-made Ouzo (This is 70% proof, clear liquid that will blow your head and have you pretty “jolly” within about 10 minutes).

One memory that is very strong in my mind is on a visit to Thassos on one of our walks to Panagia Village when a thunder and lightening storm hit. We we’re walking through a field at the time. I wasn’t allowed under the tree, so instead Dad cuddled me and we just stood there. After a couple of minutes the storm passed and we walked on. But those few minutes of quiet without any interruptions from life spending it with Dad,  is a moment that will stay with me forever.

So what exactly keeps me returning to Greece? Instead of a lot of lengthy reasons, let me break it down for you;

  • The people: They are very polite, welcoming and are always there to help you
  • The food: Greek food is delicious, and even better when eaten fresh and in Greece. Juicy stuffed vine leaves, fresh fragrant feta cheese, stuffed lamb that has been seasoned through eating herbs from the field next door. Fresh Octopus, Fish and endless supply of crisp Greek Salads – what more could you want.
  • Locations: Each location, whist still traditional, has it’s own identity. Be it a slice of history, a town centre, events or a volcano. There is always something new to explore
  • Beaches: Some of the Greek Islands are home to soft sandy beaches for you to laze around on all day
  • Excursions: Take full advantage to go on these with the company you booked with. Go scuba diving, visit Turtle Island, spend the day on a boat and go island hopping. Whatever you decide to do you will be surprised at what you’ll discover.

Now you know the reasons why I have so many of my memories because of Greece and her beautiful Islands and culture, will you be visiting this year?

In case you’re wondering about the selling of my “emerald” it was sold for the total amount of 200 drachma which I gave to my Dad so we could go back to Corfu again – We never returned to Corfu, so I should ask for that money back.

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