Make Time For Family Time… Rent a houseboat

Europe, Travel Guides / Monday, December 21st, 2015

If you are stressed out about the holidays take heart, they are almost behind us for another year. This year instead of vowing to lose weight, or save more money, consider vowing to reconnect with your loved ones. Make a commitment to put down the computer, leave the smartphone behind, and hit the water on a great houseboat vacation. If you haven’t considered renting a houseboat you are missing the boat!

Why rent a houseboat?

Renting a houseboat not only offers you amazing scenery, it offers you to return to a time when our lives weren’t rules by social media and wifi. Set a course for the outdoors, living and traveling around the countryside. There are houseboat rentals at every point of the country, which one is right for you? That depends on what you are looking for. From speed boat to lazy river, take your time to find exactly what fits your personality. Lakes, ocean or open river, there is an adventure to be found in the most unusual places.

The best time of year

Feeling the sting of holiday bills may be dissuading you from booking your destination, but now is the perfect time. With awesome holiday packages, booking now will ensure that you will beat the spring break rush and that you can get a great deal before the hike of the New Year. The possibilities are endless to find the most amazing destination in the world if you are willing to dream. There are an abundance of packages and vacation deals to be found, so in this hectic time, take the time to see what there is to offer. You can surprise the family by giving them the gift of memories for the holiday season. Reconnect, re-engage, and build the New Year of your dreams.

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