Camel rides in Gran Canaries
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Camel rides in Europe, the highs and the lows

Ever since watching Sex and the City 2 I have been curious to know if riding a camel would be as unflattering, whilst still being completely hilarious, as it was viewed to be. So whilst on a recent holiday to Gran Canaries I though I would take some time, find some camels and try it out for myself. Armed with my floppy hat, which Mrs Bouquet would highly approve of, and oversized glasses I was ready to take any camel in my stride.

Comfy? Now, read on to find out about my camel rides in Europe

Being the only Brit in what I can only describe as a conga of camels, my partner was left laughing on the side lines attempting to gain some quality photos of this “legendary event”. I was stuck next to an over excited teenager who, with every kick and shout, left the camel less than impressed. Once the phone was handed to me to get some photos of the journey, we were off. I’d like to say this was a gracious movement, but it was far from it. Apart from a little rope across my stomach there was nothing else holding me in whilst the camel leant forward, backwards and up in an unsteady fashion; nearly throwing said teenager to the ground – this is also the part where you should NEVER laugh hysterically with the parents sat just in front of you, a little awkward to say the least.

Camel rides in Gran Canaries
Camel Conga

So now we were heading toward the dunes for our 40 minute trek with mountain and sea views to gain those amazing holiday snaps you could only dream of. But today was of course, over cast! There were photos gained, if a little cloudy, that will be making it to the photo album and joining these will be that of  naked man. Oh yes, full frontal nakedness was also thrown in for free whilst on our trek. You can see below in the top left the figure of a completely stark naked man – that’s one story down for the grand kids!

naked man in sand dunes Gran Canaries
Naked man in sand dunes Gran Canaries

After a few stops for photos, it really was a very relaxing experience. Having been horse riding when I was a little one may have helped with the unsteady movements, but you did have a bar to hold on to. The camels were extremely calm, friendly and seemed happy to see new people and allow us to stroke them. Yes they have bad breath and yellow teeth, but all my preconceptions have changed on camels. We were also lucky enough to get some one-on-one time with the trainers who told us about the value of camels, their age, life expectancy, required care and kindly told us their names… all 100 of them.

My camel was called Alibaba which complimented my love of Aladdin as a child, hence the “legendary event” comment.
We were introduced to an 11 month old camel, which to someone who knows nothing about camels, seemed very big for something of such a young age. I was allowed to feed him, stroke him and meet the others, whilst gaining some insight into the this little world they live in.

As camels are rather big what we saw would have been hard to imagine, so I was lucky my partner was recording it. After feeding one of the babies, it then took to rolling around in the sand with its mother joining in. The pure size of these animals, just rolling around much like cats and dogs would have done, was something amazing to witness.

I am glad I took the time to find the camels and go for a ride, and even more so for the time the trainer gave to us to talk us through their lives and teaching us something new. It was an experience I will never forget and with great little videos and photos these memories will be able to last a lifetime. All in all, I’d say this was a much better experience to that shown in the SATC film, and if you are able to go on a trek with the camels do so immediately. If you have spent time with camels or have images or stories, please feel free to comment and share.

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