Top Tips When Visiting The Turks & Caicos Islands For The First Time

Holiday Essentials / Friday, February 2nd, 2018

If you are planning a trip to Turks and Caicos for the first time, you will no doubt be looking forward to soaking up some sun on a beautiful beach and enjoying some hard-earned relaxation!

But if you’re going to be there for a while, you won’t just want to lie by the pool at your resort or head the nearest beach for the entirety of your stay. Chances are you’ll want to explore, see the best sights this stunning area has to offer, and soak up some of the local culture!

So with that in mind, we’ve put together this quick guide to visiting the Turks and Caicos Islands for the first time, and all the things you should try to fit into your stay.

The beaches

Without a doubt, one of the greatest draws of the area is the pristine beaches you’ll find in this Caribbean paradise.

Of course the most famous of them all is Grace Bay beach, which was rated as the number one beach in the world in 2016 in the Trip Advisor Traveller’s Choice Awards.

But Grace Bay isn’t the only beautiful beach in Turks and Caicos, and if you get the time we recommend also paying a visit to Taylor Bay or Chalk Sound.


The food

If you love food, then you’ll really enjoy your time on Turks and Caicos as it’s something of a foodie paradise.

Kitchen 218 serves up a selection of locally caught seafood, quality cuts of meat, and entrees that are all artfully presented and taste as wonderful as they look.

Coco Bistro offers a fine dining experience, and local Caribbean cuisine expertly put together by owner and chef Stuart Gray. Gray even cultivates his own herb garden to ensure he has fresh flavours for his distinctive sauces.

Da Conch Shack is a must visit for anybody wanting a truly authentic Turks and Caicos experience. Not only do they serve up local conch and seafood, they also throw the best parties on the island!

Things to see and do

There’s something for everybody in Turks and Caicos, whether you want to explore or relax. There are also plenty of opportunities to try something new!

With so much clear blue water to explore, we recommend taking to the water and taking a closer look. Snorkelling is a great way to see the reefs, and the sea animals that live there – you can either do so from the beach or with a diving company who will take you out on a boat.

Even if you don’t want to explore beneath the waves, a boat cruise is a lovely way to while away an afternoon or evening, with sunset cruises being a firm favourite, and you may even be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the local glow worms.

For a bit of history, you can visit Wades Green Plantation, which is the best surviving loyalist plantation in the Caribbean, and the only known location of ship graffiti in North Caicos.

You’re also able to visit the world’s first commercial conch farm, where they grow conch and fish and you can even hold the queen conch they cultivate.

We hope this has given you some inspiration for your first trip to Turks and Caicos, you’re sure to have a wonderful time and make some fantastic memories during your trip whatever you end up doing.

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