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Tips For Travelling With A Pet

Many people see their dogs/cats as a part of their family, I know I have travelled with my dog on many occasions and most of the time it goes great. Another reason why you might bring your dog with you is because you might have no one to look after the dog or maybe you don’t trust anyone. You need to make sure that you plan to stay in dog friendly hotels and make sure you have adequate pet supplies and don’t forget the Dog or Cat Food.

Pet Friendly Hotels

These pet friendly hotels and other accommodation are becoming more and more wide spread in recent years because of the sheer demand for people needing a place to stay with their dog or cat. In some parts of the world and some states it is still quite hard to find places that allow pets you might come across dog friendly accommodation. But a tip that worked well for me when travelling with my cat was that I did a lot of research and booked my holiday around these places. Sometime it cane help to ring and find out.

Driving & Flying With Pets

Like everything to do with cars and driving remember to think of safety first and use a Cat or dog crate, or maybe even a harness just to ensure maximum pet safety. Try not to feed you pet too much before you start driving or flying because dogs can suffer quite a bit from motion sickness. Try to have some water available just to keep your d hydrated. There are bottle and bowls that are specifically designed for travelling. These bowls are very important for flying because it could be a long flight and you wont be there to look after your pet.

On Arrival

Travelling for pets can be quite tiring and stressful so when you arrive at your destination be sure to bring your dog on a walk stretch out the legs. This will also help relax your pet and become more costumed to the new area. This should make it easier on both pet and owner on the first day. The new smells and surrounding will get your pet excite so be sure to keep a good eye on them when they are exploring.

The main thing is to make sure your pet feels like it’s at home with their favourite blankets and toys. If all is done right you should have a great holiday.

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