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The best and the worst travel apps

With digital creeping into our lives more and more each day, I want to know the best and the worst apps you have used whilst on your travels.

I have a handful that I have used, some for fun and many for managing finances overseas and connecting with family.

So please, comment or have a good old rant below about which apps made your travel easier, and which made you need another holiday.

XE currency converter

This is what I use most when out and about, and even before I go. I love shopping on my travels so this makes sure I am actually getting value for money as many sellers abroad will try and convince you it is their best price, when in fact it is the worst exchange rate.  This is a free app available on iPhone or Android you can also visit the site direct


I love this app. Even when in the UK it has helped me find hidden treasures right under my nose. When away from home you can find great places to eat in, drink and explore. It also comes in very handy when you don’t want to go on a tour operator excursion but need confidence of where you’re actually going. Available on iPhone  Android  or by visiting

The best hotel app!

Does what it says on the tin and I use the app at least once a week for the UK and overseas. Quick and easy to use, perfect for a fast paced city girl Get it on iPhoneAndroid or visit the website directly


A fantastic little app that helps you split bills and most of all leave the correct tip. The amount you leave is different in every country. In the UK 10% is standard but if you leave a 10% tip in Asia, then you will cause offence. Get it for your iPhone


This is a god send. I am constantly using my phone when abroad unless I can connect to the hotel wifi. This little app controls the amount of data usage used to perform simple tasks; posting to Twitter, Facebook, updating a blog and most of all downloading an email. This has significantly reduced my data charges from the mobile network when returning home. The must have app for everyone and it is currently free and available to Orange and Vodafone users. Get it for iPhone or Android




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