City Break Fashion That Can Fit In Your Carry On

Holiday Essentials, Travel Guides / Friday, January 8th, 2016

We all love to escape to some where new to explore, it can be planned months in advance or the day before. But we find there is nothing worse than packing, and it taking forever to get it done. It doesn’t matter if it’s two weeks on the beach or two nights in a new city; it’s going to take careful execution to get the perfect outfits to ensure you look fabulous from day to night.

But what if you’re just heading off for a short city break? Ideally you don’t want to want to take a suitcase for two reasons;

1. Some airlines charge extra for this; money that can buy you two more cocktails

2. You have to hang around at the airport for your suitcase; valuable time you can spend jumping in a cab and going off exploring

So we spoke to the head stylist at and have found some key fashion pieces that you can put in a holdall and not loose valuable holiday time, still look amazing and wont break the bank.

For day time they recommend a good pair of jeans and trainers as your essential go to. The jeans can be worn in the evenings for meals out and trainers for long days of travelling and exploring; sandals will destroy your feet. We can totally agree with this from walking 29+ miles around Paris and thanking god the hotel room had a bath to soothe our feet.

If you’re having a chilled day, coffee, lunch and a stroll then a little swing dress and trainers will be your go-to friend. A swing dress can be worn all year round, in colder months pack a pair of tights and you’re good to go.

Men, for a short city break should also pack one pair of good jeans, shorts, a shirt, trainers and if you will need them, shoes.

It is best to plan your visit, then you can figure out what special items you will need. They class bulky shoes as special items, as many times you just wont need or want to wear 6inch sky scrapers or brand new suit shoes after hours of exploring.

Another item to pack is a hat, especially if you’re going during the summer months; heat stroke on a 3 day city break isn’t great!

So if you’re planning a short city break, be sure to get your fashion must-haves packed into a carry on so you can have more fun exploring and not having to stare at the luggage carousel


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