A Quick Guide To Finding Cheap International Flights

Holiday Essentials / Saturday, November 25th, 2017

We all love to save a few pennies here and there, especially with things like flight tickets which are often already very expensive. Getting a great deal can leave you with more money to enjoy once you reach your destination and can also be put towards the logistics of hotel costs and insurance.

But it seems to many that finding cheap flights is more of a science than ever, with so many comparison websites and seemingly endlessly fluctuating prices. So, how can you find the best deal?

Here, we’ve put together a quick guide to finding cheap flights to help make your search that bit easier.

Go incognito

The jury’s still out on this one, but some believe that clearing your cookies can help to prevent airlines from jacking up the prices when you search for the same thing more than once, which results in the fluctuation of prices that most of us see.

Whilst there’s no conclusive evidence, it doesn’t harm to play it safe anyway.

This post by Huffington Post has some more information on going incognito for flights.


Use flight search engines

One of the hardest things about getting cheap flights is the amount of work involved in searching all the different airlines.

This is where flight search engines come in handy. They can cut out a lot of the leg work and help you to compare deals more effectively, and many of them offer email alerts when your chosen flight prices drop so you can grab the best deal.

However, just be careful as some of them charge a bit of a premium which can increase prices and not all airlines are listed on each route. Check out this article by The Telegraph for more information.


Be flexible

One of the best ways to get cheaper deals is to be more flexible with your dates. Whilst this obviously doesn’t suit everyone, if you can afford a bit of wiggle room it can certainly pay off.

Globehunters told us: “There are a lot of theories around that certain days are cheaper to fly on but in actual fact, there’s no winning formula. Instead, it’s best to search for flights across a whole week or month which can show you exactly which dates are cheapest, meaning you can save yourself a bit of money.”


Book legs separately

Much like booking train tickets, booking different legs separately and single tickets can work out a bit cheaper. It gives you the chance to mix and match different airlines depending on the cheaper tickets, as well as different airports if they work out at different prices.

Just be careful to make sure you give yourself a long enough stopover as a second airline has no obligation to refund you or reschedule you.

This guide by Nomad Wallet offers some more advice on booking separate flights.

Consider flying from a different airport

Prices will usually vary depending on which airport you plan to fly from, so it’s a good idea to try use one further away if you can.

For example, London Gatwick and London Heathrow are relatively easy to interchange, but each can offer cheaper prices depending on your destination.

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