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Tips For Travelling With A Baby

Taking a vacation is always a good thing but sometimes the travelling can be a bit stressful. Travelling with a baby, either on short or long distance trips can often add to the stress. However it doesn’t have to be that way and by thinking ahead and with good organisation you can minimise the potential stress.

Booking Accommodation

This aspect of your trip cannot be underestimated and in my opinion is one of the most important things to get right when travelling with a baby. Having appropriate accommodation with a young baby needs to be comfortable and practical because remember this is where you and your baby will be sleeping and being changed and fed too. Will you need a bath and also a kitchen area for sterilizing bottles etc? I was on vacation in Ireland recently, and like all cities there are loads of hotels in Dublin to choose from, but I found and stayed in a Dublin Hotel that had a baby sitting service. This was not something you may want to use while on vacation but it is good to have the option if you would like a baby free night out!

In The Car

If you are travelling by car there are things to consider. Have your baby changing kit stocked with all the necessaries and somewhere accessible. Have plenty of formula prepared and toys on hand to make your journey easier. If you are using a rental car it is important to check that the baby seat is correctly installed before you set off and ensure that the vehicle is equipped with baby blinds. Long distance car journeys can make us restless; this will be the same for a baby so take regular breaks so baby has a chance to get a break from the car.

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On A Plane

Travelling by plane with a baby requires preparation. Have more than enough bottles and food for the flight. Also consider the amount of diapers and change of clothes that will be needed. Feeding a baby a bottle, or soother, at take-off and landing can help reduce the unpleasantness of ear popping. If your baby has a favourite soft toy, be sure to bring it to help keep them relaxed and distracted.

Out To Eat

Eating out in restaurants is often a big part of any vacation and this does not have to be any different just because you have a baby with you. Before making a booking at a restaurant make sure that it is baby friendly, some places are definitely not. Do they have space at a table for your buggy? If you have other young children, check if they have booster seats or high chairs available. A lot of restaurants do children’s menus and this will help keep the cost of a meal out down.

Before You Go

Going on vacation with your children is fun and a family experience. If you do a little bit of research and planning before you go it will pay off when you arrive and will make your time away more relaxing and enjoyable for all!

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