Tastes of Burgundy 2013 Chateau
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Tastes of Burgundy 2013 Tours Led by Australia’s Best

For the past two years, the Tastes of Burgundy tour has taken many privileged foodies on a gastronomic, weeklong adventure in Burgundy, France. The 2012 tour saw two of Australia’s most illustrious chefs, Andrew McConnell and Serge Dansereau lead participants through a culinary extravaganza, from cooking classes to market visits, barrel tastings and sumptuous dinners. In 2013, three prominent Australian chefs are set to once again, delight the senses of French food and wine enthusiasts.

Commencing in May 2013, Tastes of Burgundy will run three weeks of cooking schools in the gourmet region of eastern France, La Bourgogne (Burgundy). Each Tastes of Burgundy weeklong experience will be individually led by the crème de la crème of the industry;

• May 10 – 17, 2013. Philippe Mouchel – Rated as one of the world’s finest French Chefs, Philippe Mouchel partnered with Made Establishment to open P M 24. P M 24 is a modern French bistro and rotisserie designed to bring about the return of fashionable, contemporary French dining to Melbourne.
• May 20 – 27, 2013. Annie Smithers – Annie Smithers is the owner chef of Annie Smithers’ Bistrot in Kyneton and du Fermier in Trentham. She also runs a small cooking school that moves from the house and garden to the restaurant kitchen. After her sell out Tastes of Burgundy trip in 2011, Annie is the first chef to make a return visit. Her menus are spontaneous and she likes nothing better than going to a market, gleaning her produce from the garden foraging for wild food.
• May 31 – June 7, 2013. Dan Hunter – Dan Hunter is Executive Chef at the Royal Mail Hotel in Western Victoria. Dan has access to his own kitchen garden and small artisan producers throughout the Grampians region. He produces a unique style of food that blends his understanding of modern techniques with and immense respect for nature, produce and seasonality.

Each of the renowned foodies have signed up to teach for one week which will include three “cooking days”, involving market visits (Dijon and Beaune), menu design and afternoon cooking classes, culminating in an exquisite dinner each evening. The non-cooking days will be packed full of trips and experiences including; wine tastings in local domaines; a visit to a local artisan farm and dining in restaurants ranging from small bistros to the stunning Abbaye de la Bussiere – a former monastery!

Tastes of Burgundy 2013 Chateau
Tastes of Burgundy 2013 Chateau

Fine food and wine aficionados will delight in eight days of sumptuous local food and wine in Burgundy with their chosen chef, whilst cooking and residing at The Chateau, a stunning property which commenced construction in the 16th Century and has continued to be rebuilt through the ages. The week is all-inclusive, from first arrival and pick-up, seven nights accommodation in a beautiful chateau, cooking classes, cultural visits, transport for the week, all meals, wine, champagne and return transfers to for onward travel. All inclusive tour – AUD$9,000 per person.
A complete culinary experience from the beginning to the end.

Visit www.tastesofburgundy.com for more information.
Philippe Mouchel, Annie Smithers and Dan Hunter are available for interview regarding the Tastes of Burgundy tour.

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