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Harry Potter London Walking Tours

Harry Potter Film Locations. Can You Find All This In London? If You Know Where To Look.

The Warner Bros Studio tour is a must for all fans of the Harry Potter Films. But some scenes in the films were not filmed at the Leavesden Studios, where the War Bros Studio Tour Take Place, but were in fact filmed around the streets of London.

It is an enjoyable experience for children of all ages setting to explore the various Harry Potter film locations around London and, in this article; I’d like to take you to some of the locations where some of the most memorable on location scenes have been filmed in London.

Of course the big one and the one that all seekers of things Pottery will want to visit is King’s Cross Station, the location of the fabled Platform nine-and-three- quarters. Now, believe it or not, there isn’t actually a Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross, or at least there wasn’t untill the films came out! Nowadays if you head towards platforms nine and ten of the station you will find a trolley embedded in a wall on the right. Above it is the sign for the magical platform and you can, if you wish, queue up and have your photograph taken playing the part of a student of wizardry en route to the Hogwarts Express. They even provide scarves in the various house colours to make your few moments as a would-be wizard even more believable.

A little way past the platform there is a Harry Potter shop where you can buy all manner of magical memorabilia.

Moving away from King’s Cross, across the road is St Pancras Station, now the departure point for the Eurostar trains. It was, in fact, the exterior of St Pancras that was used for the exterior of King’s Cross in the Harry Potter films as the filmmakers believed it looked more impressive.

To get to the next location, go into King;s Cross, find your way to the Northern Line and take it to Bank Station. Come out of Bank via Exit Five and walk along Cornhill until you reach the traffic lights. Here. turn right along Gracechurch Street and then cross the road into Leadenhall Market.

The market was used for the Diagon Alley Scenes in several of the Harry Potter films. When you reach the centre of the market go right, then second right along Bull’s head passage where, a little way up on the right is an optician’s shop with a light blue door. This was used for the entrance to the Leaky Cauldron in Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone.

Now backtrack through Leadenhall Market, go left along Gracechurch Streets and walk all the way to the traffic lights. Cross over to Fish Street Hill and go left into Monument Underground Station. Take a District or Circle Line train to Embankment underground Station.

Leave Embankment Station via the Villers Street Exit and keep ahead to go left through The Arches. Keep ahead over Craven Street and through Craven Passage, passing the Sherlock Holmes Pub which, if you have time, is well worth a visit. Cross Northumberland Avenue via the pedestrian crossing, veer left on the other side, go right into Great Scotland Yard, cross to its left side, and pause at its junction with Scotland Place. This corner has been used as a location in two Harry Potter films.

In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix it was on this corner that the red telephone box was situated via which Harry and Mr Weasley descend into the Ministry of magic.

In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One it is here that Harry, Ron and Hermione stun the Ministry employees whose likenesses they must assume in order to infiltrate the Ministry of magic. Be sure to take lots of photos of yourselves acting out these memorable scenes.

Take a bow and continue along Great Scotland yard, at the end of which, go left along Whitehall and follow it all the way to the traffic lights (it becomes Parliament Street towards the end) and go left to reach Westminster Underground Station.

This is where in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Harry and Mr Weasley arrive en route to Harry’s hearing at the Ministry of Magic on charges of using magic before muggles. Mr Weasley finds the ticket barriers very confusing and harry has to swipe his card for him.

Across the road you will see Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, making this the perfect place to end your Harry Potter tour in London.


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