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Festivals of the World during January

Fancy a whirlwind festival tour of the world during January? From Winter in the North to Sumer in the South you have a wide variety of festivals to choose from. You may have heard of the Sundance Film Festival even if you are not a film buff. But have you heard of the “Up Helly Aa” Fire Festival on the shetland Islands of Scotland? This festival ends with the burning of a gally which is not sometghing you see every day. If you have always dreamed of going to South America you are probably thinking about Peru or Brazil, but what about Uruguay. The Montevideo Carnival boasts a spectacular parade. It’s summer in Australia and New Zealand so the festivals are outdoors and both feature extensive busking. The Tamworth country music festival is reported to be the biggest music festival in the Southern Hemisphere and the starting place for most of Australia’s country music stars. 

Source: Flight Centre

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