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Explosions at Boston Marathon

Tonight everyone’s news feed across social media became swamped in updates on Boston. When further looking into it we saw the tragic events which have taken place this afternoon during the Boston Marathon. Sadly at the finish line the runners were met with two explosions, blood stained ground and smoke reaching heights of 50ft.

So far, the terrible announcement of, two dead and 23 injured could only be the start of the effects of this event.

Within minutes and only 5 miles away at JFX library another explosion went off; where apparently no one was harmed.

As usual with social media, there are speculations of a man being seen on a roof moments before the first explosion and the question on yellow balloons signalling the event had happened.


Sky News have reported that,

[quote style=”boxed”]According to the Boston Marathon website, there were more than 25,000 registered entrants in the marathon, 374 of whom are British. It is not known what caused the blasts but Fox News reported ball bearings were found on the street. Sky’s Mark White said: “The ball bearings are likely to be shrapnel, leading to a growing suspicion the blasts were deliberate.” There are also reports that police have discovered unexploded devices in the area.[/quote]

We have also been sent through this image from friends who are currently there

boston explosion mobile photo
Mobile image of the Boston explosion

For those running the London Marathon this weekend, it has been confirmed by the BBC that,

[quote style=”boxed”]British police are reviewing security plans for Sunday’s London Marathon, the next major international marathon, following events in Boston.[/quote]

We are all still awaiting updates as to today’s events, if you were in Boston or have family, please do get in touch with us.


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