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Explore the The Giro D’Italia Course [interactive infographic]

First organised in 1909, the Giro D’Itali; an multiple stage bicycle race held in Italy, was formed to help increase sales for the La Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper and is now run by RCS Sport. Aside from pausing the event during the two world wars, the  Giro D’Italia has become an annual event, taking cyclists through Italy and occasionally passing through nearby countries that the course runs through. The route changes each year but the format remains the same, during the event you will be taken through the Italian Alps, including the Dolomites and this year the race will be breaking tradition and finishing in Brescia rather than the Milan from the previous years. Fortunately for us Citalia have created an interactive infographic highlighting the route and various stop where you can find out more about the area, where to eat and where to stay if you’re planning on being in Italy for the races.

2013 Giro D’Italia bicycle route

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