Throw out tradition and spend this Christmas in Dubai

Dubai is a city where many people dream to spend their vacations. It is both an historically-rich city and a cosmopolitan metropolis; you can enjoy the latest achievements of technology and architecture and go antique-hunting at the same time and with flights available all year round with Etihad Airways there really is no reason not to soak up the sun this Christmas and break tradition.

When it comes to Christmas, Dubai is a controversial idea. Not for the lack of available activities and entertainment options but rather because of the lack of snow. As Dubai sits in the desert where eternal summer reigns, many Westerners who are used to having a white Christmas, find it hard to get into the Christmas spirit while bathing in the sun at an average daily temperature of 21° Celsius (70° Fahrenheit).

As it happens all over the world at this time of year, the hotel accommodation offers are simply breathtaking. If you are used to thinking of Dubai as an unbearably expensive destination, check out the budget accommodation agencies that can provide great hostel, apartment or guesthouse rates, and there are even great offers on luxury Dubai hotels and resorts. There are numerous available Christmas packages that include celebratory Christmas meals plus activities and are far from breaking the bank in terms of cost.

When it comes to activities and entertainment, Dubai is definitely doing its best to make up for the lack of snow. Take the markets and bazaars for example: the sheer volume and number of them is absolutely unbelievable, especially during Christmas-time. You could spend hours and hours (days even) purchasing loads of stuff, bargaining, exploring and so on. That activity alone could keep you occupied for your entire stay!

Let’s not forget you are spending Christmas in the desert. Make the most of it! First and foremost, this holiday is associated with a decorated Christmas tree. Well, it’s a Christmas palm in Dubai! Imagine shopping for decorations and then spreading them over a genuine desert palm – definitely a memorable family experience.

Then there is Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. His cousin the camel can take his place in the desert. Put on some antlers and a red nose and ride on through the sands. You could even make a great Christmas card from that and show family back home how it’s done in the sun.

How about the joys of making a snowman? The heat has an alternative solution – the sandman (and not the one that puts you to sleep). There are stretches of glorious sandy beaches that are the perfect destination for your sandman, complete with sunglasses and a hat. Plus this one doesn’t melt.

If you are really longing for some genuine Christmassy experiences, Dubai’s wealth and access to advanced technology allow them to offer that too. You can ice skate on a genuine ice rink, visit the cool Snow Park, or sit in Santa’s lap in one of the malls – your choice!

Dubai really offers a range of activities for Christmas visitors. Some even say that it is better to spend Christmas there because of the warm weather, the choice of things to do and, of course, the fact that the in-laws aren’t there.

Take your Christmas traditions with you on holiday and try something new in this fabulous luxury location.

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