Enjoy a Relaxing afternoon in Painshill Park


If you live in Surrey you’ll know that it can get quite hectic; there is always an event on, new restaurant openings and enough boutique shopping to declare you bankrupt. But with the hustle of daily life, there is a wonderful tranquil area that you simply must visit. Located in Cobham, Surrey you will find […]

12 February, 2016

Discover Rab Island


Wonderful Rab Island This amazing island is the southernmost in the Kvarner Bay and it is a real “sunny island“, since it has about 2500 hours of sunshine. The island can fool a stranger who is approaching it from the back where the rocks and stones are all you can see; the real beauty of […]

14 June, 2015

What to do for a family holiday abroad


It’s that time of year again, everyone is desperately trying to plan their family holidays abroadfor the summer and with the kids having a generous 6 weeks off, planning how to keep them happy is a challenge in itself. Trying to find time to look through holiday websites, brochures and reviews on top of having […]

20 January, 2014