Top 3 States In Australia For Scenic Walks

Australia / Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

Let’s face it, Australia is a huge country with a small population. This is by no means is a bad thing, essentially this brings up the opportunity to explore where not a lot of people have explored before. Australia has a lot of un-touched natural beauty that is waiting to be charted, explored and admired. Follow along as we reveal the top 3 states in Australia that have the best trails to trek.


#1 QLD – Queensland

Queensland Australia


Down in the sunshine state of Australia, Queensland is home to some of the most spectacular mountain trails in the world. Located in the huge Blackall Range in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast Hinterland are 2 spectacular trails. The first is located in the Glasshouse Mountains National Park (within the Blackall Range area) and is called the Mt Ngungun Summit Track. This track spans through 3.2 km of Australia’s wonderful bush, where you have the opportunity to see indigenous wildlife and specular views of the outback. Last but not least, the second trail is found in Conondale National Park (within the Blackall Range area) and is called the Mount Allen Fire Tower Walk. This 11km return walk is a mix of hilly and flat terrain, where you will breathe in the abundance of fresh air and see mesmerizing lakes and forests.


#2 NSW – New South Wales

New South Wales national park Australia


When in NSW, one of the many great trails to conquer, lay within the heritage listed Royal National Park. Established in 1879 this 96 square kilometre park houses a wide range of wildlife as well as a large landscape of bush, forest and beaches. There are quite a few exciting walks to do, as well as a large selection of beaches and camping sites to visit and enjoy. Among the many trails you can walk in the Royal National Park, are two of our favorites. Starting with the Cape Bayron Track and finishing with the Wedding Cake Rock Trail. Both are a must see and have a mix of the scenic Australian bush combined with the beautiful ocean and beach views that are fantastic to witness in person.


#3 VIC – Victoria

Glen Nayook Rainforest, Victoria, Australia


Keeping up with our top 2 trail picks in our 3 favorite states leads us to Victoria, and much like the rest of Australia, Victoria is no different. Offering an abundance of gorgeous scenery, this state is home to, two challenging but rewarding trails. Starting off with the Glen Nayook Rainforest Walk, which is a 45 minute walk that takes you through a gully, past an underground river and over a moss covered boulder. The Glen Nayook Rainforest Walk is such a great experience that it is one of our personal favorites for Australia. While the Glen Nayook Rainforest Walk is a must see experience, we top off our pick with the Taggerty Cascades Walk. This walk is number 1 on our personal list and takes you through its beautiful rainforest, over untouched vegetation and above the nearby Taggerty River. The aura and sounds that you experience and hear will make this journey quite memorable.

Pack The Essentials

No matter what trail you are looking to conquer and experience in Australia, there are 3 things that can make the journey safe and more enjoyable. The first is to always make sure you have enough water to drink on your journey. The second is to pack and apply plenty of sunscreen, as the sun in Australia is quite strong. The third is to pack a snack, it can be as simple as packing a pre-made sandwich or bringing along a health bar. Just remember to follow these 3 tips and you will surely enjoy a safe and memorable walk.


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