What makes a luxury holiday: My top tips

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I, like many of you, have been going on holidays and mini breaks since I was of toddler size – not much has changed in size over the years. But I still like to get away when possible, whether it’s an over night stay in a spa hotel or a fortnight of complete luxury. So, what exactly makes for a luxury holiday and is it different to what you would want.

Mini Breaks

A mini break to me is 4/5 days away, possibly out of the UK. It involves a short flight and transfer times so I can relax and enjoy my new surroundings quicker. A favourite destination for me is Italy. From Gatwick Airport I can land in Milan or Verona within 2.5 hours from checking in, so for me it’s the perfect location.

I will ensure I book into a five-star Spa hotel and book a few treatments before I arrive with maybe an excursion or two, that offer relaxation. Top of my list are vineyard tours; you are able to learn a little about the history of the vineyard ( a lot are family run) and you end the day with fine wine and Italian nibbles.

I would like to add, whilst on these mini breaks I do not stay inside the hotel Spa. I will go off and find myself a little adventure.

Summer Holidays

This is the classic 2 week vacation. It involves a longer flight to a warmer destination, I love visiting Greece and have done for years. For these holidays I will decide on various factors.

Location: This isn’t always where the best tourist spot is. If I wanted to see loads of tourists and built up areas, I can hop on the tube to Central London.  I will decide where to stay based on hotel reviews, what restaurants are local to the hotel and what is local to me. I couldn’t imagine anything worse than being stuck in the middle of nowhere having to pay heavy taxi fayres if I wanted to get anywhere. My limit on holiday for walking towards something to enjoy is about 30 minutes.

Hotel: The hotel will have a Spa and more importantly a gym; yes I am “one of those” when on holiday and love nothing more than a good workout to burn off the food (and alcohol). The hotel will be a  minimum of 4 stars and be all inclusive with various A la Carte restaurants on site and host a very good drinks menu and evening entertainment*.

* If I see the word Karaoke, I will not book

Beach: This is very important to me as I hate swimming pools. It doesn’t have to be white sand, there just has to be a beach where I can unwind in the sun with a cocktail or iced coffee in hand.

Food: Although I book all inclusive, I still want the option to enjoy meals out side the hotel and to decide this I will use personal recommendations or Trip Advisor

These are the factors that come into play when I am looking to book a luxury holiday. It doesn’t matter if the hotel states it is luxury, if the above factors aren’t met, I will not book and will continue my research. You spend a minimum of around £2,000 per adult, so it really is worth being fussy.  One of the best holidays I went on cost around £2300 per adult and every requirement was met and the whole holiday experience exceeded my expectations. You can read about that here when we visited the Baia Lara Hotel, Turkey


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